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Mediterranean countries, especially Spain are my favourites. As for travelling, I do prefer to travel on my own, with my family or close friends and meet local people. I'm interested in the life in countryside, like hiking and spending time in nature. One of my hobbies is landscape art. In Estonia, I have created one park and one orchard during 15 years.

My professional career includes work as a journalist, an editor-in-chief, a journalism teacher and a coach and a member of the local council. Since 2010 I’m CEO of Estonian Newspaper Association.

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Mart Raudsaar

Arare OÜ

Perfect climate, delicious cuisine, culture with long traditions, generous people, diversified nature – that is definitely Spain. I have always had a dream to have a cosy place in marvellous Spain and now the dream is going to be true. I have worked as an entrepreneur and created some mainstream enterprises but also non-governmental organizations.

On the moment my job is associated professor of entrepreneurship at the university but there are some continuing entrepreneurial activities also. I have always cared about socially responsible corporation; some of its features are implemented in our accommodations.

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Mervi Raudsaar

Arare OÜ

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